McNeill's interests are aligned with our investors through our co-investment in deals that we pursue. McNeill's industry-leading onsite management teams work diligently to boost profitability, source acquisitions, and increase value. McNeill's asset management team strategically invests in property improvements and leads the value-add process to generate revenue growth and asset valuations.


The Investment Team sources, underwrites, and executes direct and indirect real estate investments across all major hotel brands and chain scales, with a focus on Hilton, Marriott, and Hyatt-branded properties. Leveraging experience from multiple disciplines across hospitality and financial sectors, our Team identifies and executes on opportunities that fit our core strategies, while offering the potential to generate attractive returns for our investors. We carefully choose markets for long-term potential, primarily focusing on high-growth, low-tax markets with strong economic trajectories and high barrier-to-entry tertiary markets with strong affordability and cultural appeal. McNeill Investment Group approaches real estate as a dynamic business driven by ever-changing guest requirements, demographic trends, technological innovation, and global capital flows.

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Asset Management

The Asset Management Team provides owner advisory services and hotel asset management services that drive profitability and asset value through every investment cycle stage. As owners ourselves, our Team understands the hotel industry's operating metrics and the importance of tracking hotel performance through appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in order to strengthen customer service and increase sales and profits.   We also oversee the underlying real estate investment with respect to such areas as financing and debt structure; property appraisals, taxation, and insurance; and necessary capital expenditure reserves.

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The Development Team seeks to create hotel properties with excellent operational potential, as well as longer term asset value.  We are extremely selective, carefully reviewing each location and market opportunity to identify projects that best align with our long-term vision. When determining whether an opportunity is suitable for development, we look at market trends, demographics, impact on the community, and the potential for a strong return on investment. Our Team personally oversees all aspects of development, including contracts, management, financing, design, and construction of the project. The Development Team also offers ongoing project management, leveraging its established brand relationships to effectively execute Property Improvement Plans and other capital expenditure projects. The finished product is then overseen by McNeill Hotel Company and the Asset Management Team.

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Property Management

McNeill Hotel Company, LLC manages hotels located in markets throughout the United States across major hotel brands, with a focus on the Hilton, Marriott, and Hyatt brands. Driven by its “People Serving People” philosophy, McNeill Hotel Company delivers a hands-on approach with experienced talent. Our executive and on-site property management teams provide hotel owners with proactive, property-enhancing solutions, going the extra mile to maximize efficiencies and asset value. McNeill Hotel Company regularly wins awards across the board from every major brand partner and has been consistently recognized as an industry leader in top line performance, management, and customer service.

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